Article: Japanese astronaut grows in space and now worries he won’t fit in capsule that will bring him back

Japanese astronaut grows in space and now worries he won’t fit in capsule that will bring him back



I don’t know how you view this but from my end,we seem to be idolizing it more than serving our supreme God,regardless of who your spiritual God is. I’m from a Christian background and it seems to me we like being manipulate,brainwashed,for what I  know best there is no sincere prayer than one from within,from deep dowm your sincere souls . It’s good to have a holy family but that’s not it,we hiding behind those walls! We solemnly responsible for our actions. Only you can redeem yourself!. Having our religious leaders making a luxurious lifestyle while we still have very innocent kids on streets on our watch turning into drug addict and criminal only for us to later complain of insecurities,social deterioration and kind. Where were we when it all began? When they did wrong,we stood firm,why? Because he is a man of God! We all need to stand up and stand by our religions guided by authenticity and humanity. We need to embrace love. 

Religion has lost its meaning. We ‘ll doing it because it’s a routine! Well, somehow the agnostics seem to be better human beings.  They believe in humanity as a Religion. What good would it do us? thoroughly worshiping,rising buildings In the name of religion yet suffering transcends our eyes?? I call upon rationalism. It doesn’t matter what the law says ,what should matter is if it’s right! 


20171027_174441Somehow the universe respond to our energy. It reciprocates what we give out-gabbage in gabbage out. We try so hard,over think,over analyse,judge too quick while we were instructed to love. To give love. Illuminate love. We work so hard to hate and despise our religion-humanity- yet we all equal. Yes we have differences,races,tribe,religion but that doesn’t change a thing.  We all love. Made by love,curved with love. The fact we exist is love. Love found us. Regardless of who your supreme God is,’ll we have in common is love. It’s go ironical of us to love our unseen God with power and might yet recent our neighbours. We don’t need to be educated to love. To appreciate our existence. We need to press the wake up button. It’s time to redeem ourselves. We have to rescue our generation.

#Join me in spreading love.

I love you.


She is the rising Phoenix. Intuitive,assertive, Powerful,Kind, courageous and brave. She looks at a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a Wink. She doesn’t get moved by challenges. She embraces them and work what she can. Thats the power of understanding who you are. The much you can do. The mountains you can move. All you gotta do it trust in your innner voice. Her being is different,in a very impeccable way is tremendous.  She juggles situation and if you not careful you’ll be caught in your own traps. She Is love.  Trust me s because I have had a golden  chance to be with her for days.