Self value.

He can’t celebrate you, he can’t elevate you.


The only person I quit talking to and still eager to know how they doing. If I ever get married my partner has a competitor. Not because you there because I am. We shared nothing and I guess that’s the whole point.



Somehow the universe respond to our energy. It reciprocates what we give out-gabbage in gabbage out. We try so hard,over think,over analyse,judge too quick while we were instructed to love. To give love. Illuminate love. We work so hard to hate and despise our religion-humanity- yet we all equal. Yes we have differences,races,tribe,religion but that doesn’t change a thing. We all love. Made by love,curved with love. The fact we exist is love. Love found us. Regardless of who your supreme God is,’ll we have in common is love. It’s so ironical of us to love our unseen God with power and might yet recent our neighbours. We don’t need to be educated to love. To appreciate our existence. We need to press the wake up button. It’s time to redeem ourselves. We have to rescue our generation.

#Join me in spreading love.

I love you.